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Aerial installation with bird spikes, do they matter?

Here we have a TV aerial installation. No, your eyes don’t deceive you, this is a high gain aerial fitted with bird spikes. Sometimes due to having no chimney or other factors, equipment must be fitted where birds may sadly take advantage of a convenient new perch, with not so nice results. We offer a service of supplying and fitting bird spikes at an additional cost. If you would like them supplying or you would like more information. Please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Starlink installation in Preston

Here on a grey day in Samlesbury, Preston. We are installing a Starlink dish on a 9×9 galvanised steel wall bracket to a property in the middle of the countryside. The customer was previously getting less than 20Mb download on BT. He is now enjoying 170+Mb download speeds and is over the moon. Starlink installation service, covering the whole of the northwest

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